Experience a new paradigm in digital asset trading

Initiate change.

1GCX is leading a movement to initiate change by way of investment portfolios for retail and institutional investors.

Be the solution.

Together we will change the way people and institutions invest and use their portfolios for good.

Turn net-zero to net-positive.

Trading on 1GCX helps contribute towards a cleaner, brighter, more abundant future. Dip your toe in by trading crypto on the worlds greenest exchange, or fund projects and assets that create a real impact on our environmental sustainability.

two paths

The journey to net-zero


The traditional path

Intensified taxation, legislation, and regulation on both institutions and the public.


A new paradigm

New frameworks are changing the field of play, but within those changes lies opportunity. The 1GCX platform enables investors to take advantage of market innovations and trade in a way that benefits the planet.

The Destination

1GCX's objective is to unite financial freedom and environmental sustainability - for our benefit today, and that of future generations.


1GCX is the leading gateway to the net-zero economy. Join our commodities first ecosystem and create and manage a portfolio that builds wealth today and creates a brighter future.

Our Platform

Start earning on tomorrows exchange, today.

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